UK trademark registration

The UK trademark (UKTM) registration protects your rights in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. UK Trademarks are registered within 3-4 months. A UK trademark is valid for a period of ten years and can be renewed indefinitely.

Registration is confirmed by the issuance of the trademark registration certificate. A trademark owner has the right to use the trademark, sell or license it and prevent others from using his trademark in relation to goods and services for which it is registered.

Note: As of January 1, 2021, the United Kingdom is not part of the European Union trademark system.
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    Please choose a service package and answer a few simple questions
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    We will perform a search and analysis of registration possibilities and file a trademark application
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    We will send you a certificate of the UK trademark registration

Choose a service

EXPRESS service is recommended to those who are sure that their trademark is registrable. We will only assess absolute grounds for refusal and search for identical trademarks that represent definite threat, without thorough analysis of similar trademarks and lists of goods and services of the above.
OPTIMUM service includes a comprehensive trademark search and analysis and a full report upon client’s request. This package does not include preparing and filing of the response to refusals and oppositions.
We conduct a full preliminary trademark search  
We prepare comprehensive report that includes professional advice. If a trademark search reveals that registrability of your trademark is low, we will inform you about that and return you money, upon your request, less € 100 for the search.
We organise the list of goods and services per specific categories, or "classes"
We file the trademark application with the UK IPO.
We inform you on all developments of the registration process  
Trademark registration procedure includes trademark examination on absolute grounds, possible refusals, publication of a trademark for oppositions by third parties, possible oppositions to registration and issuance of the registration certificate. We will inform you on all stages in the trademark registration procedure and will let you know about necessary actions or deadlines.
We provide professional advise on all steps of the trademark registration process
We pay all necessary official fees to the UK IPO
We conduct all necessary communication with UK IPO during the registration process
We receive the registration certificate and forward it to you
€ 200
(plus UK IPO official fee)
€ 300
(plus UK IPO official fee)



(€ 200)
Basic application fee covers one class of goods and services


(€ 60)
The fee for the extra class
EU trademark search
Free of charge! 
Before applying for a new trademark registration, it is essential to make sure that it is possible to register this trademark and that it is free to use it. We examine a trademark for absolute grounds of refusal and search relevant databases for identical marks among EU trademarks, EU national trademarks and international trademarks designating the EU or EU member states. Based on this search and our analysis, we provide a professional opinion on whether your trademark is registrable in the European Union and you may proceed with the registration process, or whether there are evident obstacles to registration of your trademark that exist, and a more thorough analysis needs to be performed.