Free European trademark search and report

Before applying for new trademark registration, it is essential to perform the search and make sure that it is possible to register your mark and that it is free to use it. Therefore, prior to spending a significant amount of money on filing an application for registration of your trademark, such as payment of the EUIPO, UKIPO and attorney fees, we recommend that you get a professional opinion on whether your trademark may be registered.

If the EU trademark search or the UK trademark search results show that there identical or similar registered EU or UK trademark marks exist that may prevent the registration of your designation, it is still possible to modify your mark to have an opportunity to register it or to register another trademark. All you need in this situation is professional attorney advice.

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Check trademark availability for free

What you get by ordering a free seacrh

  • We examine a trademark for absolute grounds for refusal and search relevant databases for identical marks among the EU trademarks, the EU national trademarks and international trademarks designating the EU or the EU member states; or, in the case of the UK search, we search among the UK trademarks, and international trademarks designating the UK;
  • We provide professional opinion on whether your trademark may be registered in the European Union / United Kingdom and on potential barriers and complications to registration;
  • We inform you on the total cost of registration of your trademark;
  • We provide recommendations on how your mark should be modified for registration to be successful (if it is necessary);
  • We provide you with step by step instructions on how to register your EU or UK trademark;
  • We organise the list of goods and services according to specific categories, or "classes".
Check trademark availability for free