Trademark registration in China

Filing an application:
First class € 350
Additional class € 350
  No fee
Search (if required):
First class € 100
Additional class € 100
All fees are included;
Duration: 10-12 months

Services include:

  • Check mark for absolute grounds for refusal
  • Drafting specification of goods / services
  • Preparing and filing an application
  • Receiving and forwarding of the certificate

These prices are offered for straightforward cases only and include official and professional fees. The prices do not include responses to office actions, such provisional refusal, replies to third party oppositions, responses to cancellation actions, etc.

For foreign trademark applicants, representation by a registered Chinese trademark attorney is required.

EU trademark search
Free of charge! 
Before applying for a new trademark registration, it is essential to make sure that it is possible to register this trademark and that it is free to use it. We examine a trademark for absolute grounds of refusal and search relevant databases for identical marks among EU trademarks, EU national trademarks and international trademarks designating the EU or EU member states. Based on this search and our analysis, we provide a professional opinion on whether your trademark is registrable in the European Union and you may proceed with the registration process, or whether there are evident obstacles to registration of your trademark that exist, and a more thorough analysis needs to be performed.