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EU Trademark search

Please be informed that EUIPO does not perform relative grounds examination. The office will not perform search and will not refuse new trademark application based on the already registered trademark registrations. Instead, EUIPO performs absolute grounds examination analysing if the filed designation corresponds to the function of the trademark.
Three months after the publication of your trademark, owners of the similar earlier trademarks have right to file an opposition against the published mark. However, possibility of opposition is difficult to predict as it depends on the different factors, such as - what is financial situation of the owner of the earlier trademark, if owner of the earlier trademark uses his trademark himself, how similar are the lists of goods/services of the earlier trademark and published trademark, etc. 
An EU trademark search allows you to see the trademarks registered in the European Union. After performing a search, we can evaluate the possibility of registering a trademark and the chances of its successful completion. 
The main point of a check is to identify similar and identical trademarks with yours. Thus, we will be able to determine which trademarks may become an obstacle to successful registration.
The search contains information from all the EU national trademarks, the EU trademarks registered with the European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and international trademarks designating EU or EU member states. Any of these trademarks applied for or registered could pose a threat to your application.
You can save time and money by searching for trademarks that could conflict with yours before you apply.
Regimark performs a free search for identical trademarks. The search that includes similar trademarks is included in our Optimum package.

EU trademark search
Free of charge! 
Before applying for a new trademark registration, it is essential to make sure that it is possible to register this trademark and that it is free to use it. We examine a trademark for absolute grounds of refusal and search relevant databases for identical marks among EU trademarks, EU national trademarks and international trademarks designating the EU or EU member states. Based on this search and our analysis, we provide a professional opinion on whether your trademark is registrable in the European Union and you may proceed with the registration process, or whether there are evident obstacles to registration of your trademark that exist, and a more thorough analysis needs to be performed.