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Amazon Brand Registry Program is a program that helps brand owners protect their intellectual property, particularly trademarks while selling their products on Amazon marketplace. It is designed for a brand owner to help enrol his/her brand with Amazon to access enhanced marketing features and have complete control over the brand. The enrolment to the Brand Registry is a straightforward and one-time process. 

If you want to apply for the Brand Registry, you have to go through the formal trademark registration process. The Amazon Brand Registry recognizes brands from trademark owners in the following countries and economic areas: United States, United Kingdom, European Union, Canada, Mexico, India, Japan.

There are several considerable benefits to registering your trademark with the Amazon Brand Registry, such as helping brand owners to have complete authority over their product listings and preventing those listings from infringers. Brand Registry also enhances customer support and offers guided instructions to report a potential infringement. Members get access to powerful predictive automation technology based on reports of suspected intellectual property infringement, and proprietary text and image search tools to seek out unauthorized use.

If a person or business is an Amazon Seller and manufactures or sells under his/her brand, enrolling with the Amazon Brand Registry is highly appropriate. Many active sellers experience infringement, and being proactive by getting into the Brand Registry will put you in a position to enforce your rights on Amazon with minimal effort. 

Filing for  Amazon Brand Registry and going through the trademark registration process might seem like a hassle, but the benefits of this program are considerable. If you need assistance with trademark registration, Regimark is here to help. We filed and successfully registered many trademarks on behalf of active Amazon sellers. Regimark made the professionally supported trademark registration process very affordable and hassle-free. We offer the best possible attorney fees for the EU and the UK trademark registration. 

Do not wait until unauthorized use puts you at a huge disadvantage!

EU trademark search
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Before applying for a new trademark registration, it is essential to make sure that it is possible to register this trademark and that it is free to use it. We examine a trademark for absolute grounds of refusal and search relevant databases for identical marks among EU trademarks, EU national trademarks and international trademarks designating the EU or EU member states. Based on this search and our analysis, we provide a professional opinion on whether your trademark is registrable in the European Union and you may proceed with the registration process, or whether there are evident obstacles to registration of your trademark that exist, and a more thorough analysis needs to be performed.